Panya Clark Espinal

Jetstream, 2005

Jetstream, 2005

Public Art Proposal

Final stage competition proposal for Downsview Memorial Parkette, Toronto, in collaboration with landscape architects Quinn Design Associates

Jetstream utilizes byproducts of the aerospace manufacturing industry that are typically discarded or recycled. Referencing these origins and the ubiquitous conditions of accumulation in our consumer culture, Jetstream re-engages that which is normally left behind.

In the development of the concept for Jetstream, a relationship with local aircraft manufacturers, Bombardier Inc., was established so that off-cuts of their manufacturing process could be utilized in the production of this work. Large sheets of aluminum, nested with cutouts, and a sparse scattering of chiming tubular titanium wire casings were mounted on an elevated frame and cut to resemble the jet stream of a passing plane. The work was integrated into a public park designed by Quinn Design Associates.