Panya Clark Espinal

From Here Right Now

This artist statement by Panya Clark Espinal appears in Sheppard Subway Public Art Program, 2002, a catalogue published by the Toronto Transit Commission.

Bold, whimsical, larger-than-life images seem to float everywhere throughout this station. In this artwork, twenty-four drawings have been projected onto the architectural form of the station and have been stretched and distorted when integrated into the wall and floor finishes. When seen from distant vantage points, the images are clearly and fluidly formed. As the viewer approaches and passes by, the images deconstruct and become distorted, forming abstract and non-sensical designs.

One type of imagery has been created by the use of free-hand black line drawings of both representational and abstract forms. Another set of images uses geometric, solid blocks of vivid colour, which appear behind or separate from the black line drawings but are often realistic colourations of the objects being depicted. The wall images have been made from waterjet-cut glazed ceramic tiles and the floor images have been created within the overall terrazzo finishes.

Depicting everyday objects and simple geometric shapes in an uncommonly large scale, the images act as beacons that draw the viewer into and through the station. From Here Right Now creates a playful, vibrant environment that emphasizes the architectural character and spatial volumes of the station and increases our awareness of how we move through the space.

Panya Clark Espinal